Shinjo Mihama-cho Keiryunosato

Fishing gorgeous rainbow trout in an abundance of nature.

About 25 mins. drive after exiting Wakasa Mihama IC of Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway. Shinjo district of Mihama-cho in Fukui Wakasa (Wakasa region of Fukui prefecture), is full of nature, surrounded by trees and mountains, and a clear Mimigawa river running through the land.
Mr. Maruyama, an avid nature lover, is going to challenge a rainbow trout fishing at our Mountain stream village!

When driving a mountain road along Mimigawa river, you’ll see an entrance sign “Mountain stream village (Keiryunosato)” on the side. Go in through the side road to get to the Mountain stream village.

Inside the village, there is a 2.2 km of mountain stream fishing ground, where you can enjoy fresh water fishing and catch red spotted masu trout, char, rainbow trout, and etc.

Looking into the water, you’ll notice that there are many fish in the river! Mr. Maruyama decided to fish immediately.

A long stream is divided into 44 sections and you pick your favorite spot to fish.
We carry rental fishing rods, so there is no fuss for family with small children.

This time, Mr. Maruyama came fishing with several friends.
Everyone rushes to prepare the rods..

In goes the fishing lines.

After a while,,, a great catch!

Next after next, the rainbow trout keeps on coming.

Other than just fishing, we also have rental BBQ corner, where you can clean and grill your fresh-caught fish.(Which looks something like this)We also have restaurant that can cook the fish for you.

There are no time limits, and you can take home all the fish you catch. So it’s highly recommended for people who enjoys slow fishing.

Shinjo Mihama-cho Keiryunosato

Fishing ground with 44 devided sections (approx. 200m)/ Natural mountain stream fishing ground (approx. 2km)
■Business hour: From sunrise to sunset (Close at 18:00)
■Red spotted masu trout, char, rainbow trout, and etc.

Cooking fish area
Rental fish rods and fish bait for sale
BBQ corner
※Above information may change without any notice. For details, please contact below number or check the HP.