Suishohama beach Crystal beach

It is a beach with large sand grains, that sparkles and shimmers like a crystal. In the summer, many visitors come from outside Fukui prefecture.

Look at its clarity! The reason for this water quality is due to the large white sand grains. As they do not mix easily with the ocean water, the ocean water keeps its transparency. It isn’t difficult to understand that it was elected as one of the 88 best beaches of Japan.

The parking area is large enough to accommodate 2000 cars. Except for the peak season, the visitors can enjoy the beach without worrying about where to park their cars.
It is a nice recreational spot for the family and the couples with beach houses and shower facility. Yet, not many people knows about the beauty of autumn and winter seasons of this beach.

In contrast to the bustling crowds in the summer, the beach is mellow and quiet, filled with romantic sunset. These seasons are also recommended.

Come and enjoy the therapeutic scenery of the pristine crystal beach throughout the year!

Suishohama beach

Wakasa Mihama Tourism Association 0770-32-0222
Summer tourist season (7/1〜8/31)
Parking area: about 2000 cars
Parking fee: 1,000 -1,500 yen
※Parking fee differs depending on the parking area. Please contact Crystal beach administration bldg 0770-39-1470

Address: Takenami Mihama-cho Mikata-gun Fukui prefecture, 919-1202
Take a bus bound for Shiraki from JR Tsuruga station and get off at “Crystal beach (Suishohama)” stop/ 30 mins drive from Tsuruga IC of Hokuriku Expressway