Kawarake Nage Tengudou

Tengu (the mountain god) make my wish come true!

Going up to the top of the mountain along the Mikatagoko Rainbow Line, there is a temple called “Tengudou”. Next to it, is a raised wooden platform with the word “Kawarake (earthenware)” and plates are sold for 100 yen a piece.

It is said that when you write your wish on this plate, and throw it as hard as you can toward the lake, your wish will come true.

Once upon a time, there was a large tengu (a mountain god) that lived in Baijodake. He was feared by the people of the village for his powerful strength, however, he helped and granted the wishes of the weak and the needy. So the people went to Baijodake to visit the tengu whenever they were troubled, but when they couldn’t find him, they figured he is somewhere in a high place and threw “Kawarake (earthenware)” into the sky with their wish written on it. This is how the custom started. (Various theories exist)

“Safe driving”, ”Business prosperity”, ”Fulfilling love”, “Passing exams”, “Recovering illness”, and etc. Write your wish, asking for the divine favor, then throw as hard as you can!

*Thrown “Kawarake (earthenware)” will return to the soil.

Kawarake Nage Tengudou

Kawarake Nage Tengudou
100 yen per plate
■Location: Summit of the Rainbow Line